Here again at the passing of yet another bridge in life

This one looks straight and narrow but looks can be deceiving

I will cross this bridge one step at a time

Handle any detours life puts in front of me

Where will your bridge take you???

At the end “2018” mine took me to the Opal Creek Wilderness area stepping into “2019” surrounded by nature’s beauty

Bridges ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #168




  1. Mmmmm…. “Bridge” was an excellent pick for the week’s challenge. So many of these are transporting me to ‘familiar places.’ The previous page I visited took me to my New England wintry youth. And this returns me to the “wet coast” where I’ve lived most of my life. I wonder where the next will take me?

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    1. A very good word/photo to bring you along for the ride 🙂
      I see what you did there lol so you know this Coast well. At least Oregon and Washington State.
      I think you will travel a “rapid” ride into much beauty ☺️


      1. More Oregon than Washington. And more California than Oregon. The last time in 2009. Hopefully, in a couple years or so, I’ll take another run at it. 🙂

        Beautiful country down that way. For now, I’ll have to make do with BC and Vancouver Island. 😉

        <grin> Glad you caught that. 🙂

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